Video - History of Tuckerdale 1915-2015

During the fall  of 1915, members of the Windfall Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. George Reeves and Elihu Tucker, met in the Tuckerdale School House (which stood on the same property as the church) for a revival. There were several professions from the Tuckerdale community, so they agreed to organize a more convenient "meeting place". Thus, Tuckerdale Baptist Church was organized December 20, 1915 with eight charter members:

  • Rev. Elihu Tucker
  • Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Tucker
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Wagoner
  • Mrs. Nannie Tucker
  • Mrs. Malissia Darnell (responsible for naming the church)
  • Mrs Lydia Caudill

First Baptism - May 1916

Tuckerdale Baptist Church, First Baptizing - May 1916

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The original building was completed in 1917, but has undergone many changes and additions over the years. There was only a foot-bridge and railroad tressels to get across Big Horse Creek to the church. In 1945, under the leadership of Rev. M.D. Hart, the building was moved around and a large bridge was built. In 1982, a new steel bridge was erected.

On February 11, 2008, tragedy struck as the main church building was consumed by fire. It was a devastating event, but the members rallied together to rebuild. It was stated numerous times, "The building was destroyed, but the church is just fine". The new building was dedicated on May 9, 2009 with tremendous support from the community and surrounding area.

Church Fire - 2008

Church Fire - February 2008

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Tuckerdale Baptist Church has had some outstanding men as pastors:

  • Rev. Elihu Tucker
  • Rev. W.E. Denny
  • Rev. James Sexton
  • Rev. T.M. Hayes
  • Rev. E.A. Eller
  • Rev. Ezekial Blevins
  • Rev. M.D. Hart
  • Rev. R.C. Ashley
  • Rev. Frank Tucker (32 years)
  • Rev. Lloyd Day
  • Rev. Larry Powers
  • Rev. Julian Owen
  • Rev. Larry Shepherd (2011)

Tuckerdale Baptist Church is proud of its heritage and thankful to God for all His many blessings. Here is a photo of the church as it stands today.

Church Front - 2009